Invisalign in Pflugerville, TX

What is the first image to come to mind when you think about orthodontic treatment in Pflugerville? Do you envision an insecure teenager with a mouth full of shiny metal?

Does that thought make you want to forget about fixing your teeth? Perhaps you did wear traditional braces as an adolescent but have experienced some shifting. Other patients are turned off by the possibility of being teased and are fearful of the discomfort.

The good news is, traditional brackets and wires are not the only orthodontic treatment options available today. Invisalign® in Pflugerville is a discreet way to correct crooked teeth fast. Clear aligners are a great solution for both teens and adults with mild to moderate alignment issues.

Invisalign® Braces in Pflugerville

Clear braces consist of a series of removable plastic aligner trays.

Each Invisalign® custom-made tray is designed to be worn for a two-week period. This orthodontic correction procedure allows your Pflugerville dentist to plan out the precise movements of your teeth.

Invisalign® at Peak Dental

Invisalign® works by shifting teeth gradually into the desired position. But that is not the only reason this advanced dental technology is so great! There are many practical benefits to choosing clear braces to fix your smile:

Convenience: Discreet aligners are removable, which means you will have no food restrictions during treatment. You can take the Invisalign® tray out to eat, to brush and floss your teeth and before going to sleep.

Discreet: This popular orthodontic treatment method is virtually undetectable. You never have to hide your smile in social or in work situations. Teens with malocclusions don’t have to avoid embarrassing interactions at school with clear plastic braces.

Efficiency: Invisalign® treatment in Pflugerville is a fast, and efficient process at Peak Dental that is tailor-made just for you! Your individual aligners are skillfully made to fit only your mouth and produce optimal results in the shortest amount of time possible.If you long for straighter teeth and a more attractive smile without metal. Invisalign® may be the right solution for you.