Endodontics in Pflugerville, TX

Endodontic is a specialty of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis of tooth pain and performing procedures relating to the interior of the tooth. Root canal treatments are included in this field. Peak Dental works in endodontic and provides treatment in Pflugerville.


When a cavity forms on a tooth, it can cause minor tooth sensitivity or discomfort. It is usually effectively treated with a dental filling. On the other hand, stronger tooth pain and other issues such as sensitivity to hot or cold can be signs of more serious issues. Swelling around the teeth, gums, or face is another sign that there is more severe damage. In those cases, an endocdontist will need to be consulted. Injury to a tooth can also require endodontic treatment.


Root canal: performed to save a tooth when it has become inflamed or infected at the root. A small hole will be drilled into the top (crown) of the tooth in order to access the inside. The infected pulp will then be removed, along with any decay, and the cavity will be cleaned and reshaped. The space will then be filled in again with a synthetic material to restore the tooth’s structure and covered with a dental crown.

Root canal retreatment: needed if proper healing does not take place following a root canal procedure. This is very unlikely, but if it happens, a retreatment can be performed to alleviate any pain and discomfort and to promote healing. A retreatment may be needed due to several reasons. A patient’s root canal anatomy may be more complicated than what was initially detected, there may be salivary contamination in the inside of the tooth or new decay to the tooth, or a loose or broken crown could have exposed the tooth to new infection. Another root canal will then be performed, removing any newly developed infection and cleaning out all canals.

Endodontic surgery: recommended only if nonsurgical root canals are not sufficient to treat a tooth. These procedures involve opening the gum tissue near the affected tooth in order to view the underlying bone and to remove inflamed or infected tissue. A small section of the tooth root may be removed, if needed.

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